Before occupation make sure you do a full inspection of the property and that the agent is aware of all the faults in the property. A great suggestion is to make sure the agent and yourself sign the inspection sheet with an accompanying video. That will ensure there are no discrepancies when it's time to leave. And if you were to move into a sectional title complex make sure you have read and understand the body corporate rules before occupying the property.

Pets are normally a worrying point when it comes to moving into a sectional title property. In some cases tenants will notice the rules state that no four legged pets are allowed while some owners do keep them. Rules change and if an owner had the pet before the rule was amended in most cases the pet will be allowed to remain. But any new tenants or owners after the amended date must adhere to the rules.

Unless the contract states otherwise the notice period in general is not 30 calendar days as the general public perception may believe. Read your contract carefully make sure you understand the lease period and notice periods to it's full extent. It has happened before where tenants have committed to other properties whilst there agreement is still binding, due to notice being to short. 

As a tenant in a sectional title property you unfortunately have no say in the body corporate affairs. In the event of a tenant wanting to attend a meeting, the owner would have to give proxy to the tenant in order for the tenant to have any rights justified.

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