First Property Trust has grown from managing a few properties in its first month to over 200 properties to date. We believe that our operational and financial strength, backed by many years of quality experience will assist us in our moving forward, overshadowing any competitors in our market sector.

The Directors of the company are David McInroy, who has been involved in property management for the past 30 years, and Gregory Howard who has been involved in sales & leasing as well as property management since 1984. The 42 staff members, employed for their various skills, help to run the company and are responsible, one and all, for First Property Trust being one of the leading property management companies in Pretoria.

The company continues to invest in training and development of its staff. The training is primarily focused on delivering a better service to our clients and customers. The company views training to be an on-going commitment to its staff and customers. The company is structured in such a way that it provides a complete property management function in all facets thereby providing a maximum client service via the various divisions.

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